About Us

Coyé signifies elegance, exclusivity and quality.

In a world full of mass, Coyé gives the device you love and use the most an exclusive and elegant touch. With our products, your device becomes a personal accessory. An accessory that really belongs to you.

Coyé is an Amsterdam based brand specialized in fashionable tech accessories of both genuine and vegan leather. Each leather hide is carefully chosen based on its quality and unique look. Every piece of leather has nature’s own marks, which gives each MacBook and iPhone skin a personality on its own. Besides genuine leather, Coyé uses vegan leather. This is 100% vegan leather which is made using absolutely no animal products.

For our leather MacBook skins we use an exclusively developed adhesive which makes it easy to apply the skin onto your device. It’s possible to reapply every MacBook skin multiple times without leaving residue.

For our vegan leather AirPods cases we use 100% vegan leather made of vegan synthetic. To give the AirPods case a firm design, the inside is made of an impact-resistant plastic frame.

Every individual product is produced by hand or with the help of innovative technology.


With an eye for detail we carefully press your personal characters in our quality leather cases. Our own font creates an elegant and unique look which you wont find somewhere else.

With this line we want to make sure your Coyé product really belongs to you. That’s why we don’t use our logo on our products, everything is all about YOU.